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Indexed Universal Life Insurance

An Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance policy is a type of permanent life insurance that combines a death benefit with a cash value component. The cash value has the potential to grow based on the performance of a selected stock market index, offering policyholders both protection and potential for investment growth.

Our Partners

National Life Group

National Life Group is a well-established insurance and financial services company headquartered in Montpelier, Vermont. With over 170 years of experience, they have a strong presence in the insurance industry. National Life Group offers a range of insurance and retirement products, including life insurance, annuities, and investment options, designed to help individuals and businesses achieve financial security and plan for the future. They are known for their commitment to policyholders and their community involvement, making them a respected and trusted player in the industry.

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Fidelity and Guaranty Life

Fidelity & Guaranty Life (F&G) is an insurance company that specializes in offering annuity and life insurance products. Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Fidelity & Guaranty Life has a history dating back to 1959 and is known for its commitment to providing financial security and retirement solutions for individuals and families. They offer a variety of annuity products, including fixed indexed annuities and fixed-rate annuities, designed to help customers save for retirement and protect their financial future. Fidelity & Guaranty Life is a subsidiary of F&G Bermuda, which is owned by the holding company Fidelity National Financial, Inc.


Mutual Of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha is a well-established and reputable insurance and financial services company based in Omaha, Nebraska. Founded in 1909, the company has a long history of providing insurance and financial products to individuals and businesses. Mutual of Omaha offers a wide range of products, including life insurance, health insurance, long-term care insurance, Medicare supplement plans, and annuities. They are known for their strong commitment to customer service and their recognizable Wild Kingdom branding, which has made them a trusted and recognized name in the insurance industry.

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